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PFLAG envisions a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are respected, valued, and affirmed, inclusive of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Our mission is to build on a foundation of loving families united with LGBTQ people and allies who support one another and to educate ourselves and our communities to speak up as advocates until all hearts and minds respect, value, and affirm LGBTQ people.

As a member, personally advance the vital mission of PFLAG both nationally and in our local community. Become a member at the level that suits you best, to help grow our reach throughout the community! PFLAG’s fiscal year runs from October 1st-September 30th.

Holding Hands

Why become a member of PFLAG Rome?

  • PFLAG is free and volunteer-led. Support meetings are available to anyone; membership is not required to attend. Membership fees make PFLAG sustainable both locally and nationally.

  • Raise your voice through voting. Each member has the opportunity to steer the work of local, regional, and national leadership during our elections.

  • Each individual membership helps PFLAG (local and National) amplify our lobbying impact in legislature. 

  • Possible protection in future lawsuits, like what is currently happening in Texas

  • By joining through your local chapter, you receive national membership for just $15 ($50 if you join through the national website).

  • Any donation over $15 stays with our Rome chapter, creating a foundation for continued local growth.

How does PFLAG Rome utilize donations?

  • Funds sustain our monthly support meetings for adults and teenagers.

  • We provide important outreach and leadership through regular educational sessions and other involvement in our local community.

  • We build resources for larger future projects in Rome and the surrounding area. Recent donations have enabled us to hire an outside contractor to do an LGBTQ+ Community Needs Assessment to ensure we focus our work on the areas of greatest need.

how does your membership support pflag national?

  • $15 of each membership goes to PFLAG National to support the work done across the country. 

  • Local chapters receive extra support when needed, and PFLAG Rome was very fortunate to receive a sizeable grant from PFLAG National to provide additional security at Rome Pride 2022. Our membership makes that possible.

  • Funds allow valuable publications to be available for FREE on the PFLAG National website. 

  • Funds support the continued sponsorship of PFLAG Connects: Communities (virtual support meetings tailored to the specific needs of military, African American, Latino, and AAPI families).

Suggested Levels

Any level above $50 is greatly appreciated, and will go directly to furthering the local impact of PFLAG Rome.

Our Annual Membership runs from October through September.

Pride Parade


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