join our board!

We are so excited and grateful that you are interested in serving on the Executive Team for PFLAG Rome. We are looking for community members that are diverse in both skills and experiences to round out our already amazing Board. 

We currently have the following positions open and are actively recruiting:

  • Support Group Coordinator (2 hours/month)

  • Social Media Coordinator (varies, no more than 1 hour/week)

  • Membership Chairperson (4-6 hours/month once established, busiest months are September/October)

  • Secretary (2-3 hours/month)

  • Treasurer (2-3 hours/month, more at the beginning/end of fiscal year, September/October)

To submit your application for any of this positions, please click here.

Support Group Coordinator duties:

  • Be a trained facilitator (virtual training offered frequently through the PFLAG Gulf District)

  • Maintain up-to-date list of trained facilitators.

  • Recruit additional facilitators and arrange for facilitator training.

  • Schedule facilitators for monthly support groups (Friends/Family, Adult, Teen, etc.).

Social Media Coordinator duties:

  • At least once a week share links to relevant articles/videos.

  • Share weekly link to PFLAG Connects Newsletter.

  • At least twice a month, post something about what PFLAG is doing.

  • Post invitations for PFLAG Rome events and meetings.

  • Maintain and update PFLAG Rome website.

Membership Chairperson duties:

  • Assist in development of New Member Welcome Kit/letter.

  • Notify members of yearly renewal.

  • Organizes membership, retention, and recruitment campaigns.

  • Provide membership list to other chapter leaders.

  • Maintain the Chapter Hub in conjunction with the Secretary.

Secretary duties:

  • Maintain minutes of all meetings of the Board and of the general membership.

  • Email agenda and minutes to the Board Members prior to meetings.

  • Send notices for all meetings of the general membership.

  • Draft and disseminate press releases on chapter activities.

  • Maintain the Chapter Hub and paperwork/dues to PFLAG National in conjunction with the Treasurer and Membership Coordinator.

  • Writes thank you notes to speakers and other contributors.

  • Perform such other duties that may be assigned by the Board.

Treasurer duties:

  • Chair the budget committee.

  • Handle all financial affairs of the chapter.

  • Work in conjunction with the Secretary to maintain paperwork/dues to PFLAG National.

  • Maintain financial records, receipts, and disbursements of funds.

  • Submit a financial report at each Board meeting.

  • Prepare an annual financial statement for the Annual General Membership Meeting.

  • File all required government reports.